Reading & Vocabulary Spring I 5/2-6/8/22

Reading and Vocabulary Program Overview

You will be expected to read extensively in your academic or professional life. Textbooks, professional emails, and discussion boards are a few types of readings that will challenge you daily. To strengthen your comprehension and increase the speed of readings you'll face, it will be important to build your vocabulary and ability to read in a different way such as identifying main ideas, skimming, and checking comprehension questions for clues.  Learn vocabulary in the context of your readings, through real-world situations, and by practicing exercises from the textbook. Learn to read others' research to parlay it into your own.  As an academic preparation program, research and group projects will make up part of the activities in this course. The course will allow you to work by yourself and with your classmates to complete assignments. You may be expected to meet with group members offline to complete pair or group activities.  All students must complete and submit a capstone assignment at the end of the course

Credit/Hours Earned: 3 Credits/36 hours

Program Dates: 5/2-6/8

Days: Monday/Wednesday

Schedule of live Online and On-campus classes:
Important! All live sessions meet according to Eastern Standard Time (EST) or New York Time.

Meeting Times:  11:15 am-1:15 pm Eastern Time

Hours/week: 4 hours per week over 6 weeks – a total of 36 hours 

Format: (Two options) live online or on-campus at 145 Huguenot Street, New Rochelle, New York

Registration: Click "Purchase" below to register for the course. 

Receipt:  When you register,  you will receive a notification on the screen verifying that you have registered. You will NOT receive a receipt. If you need proof that you registered, please take a screenshot of the notification.

Certificates: Certificates will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the course. Register with the exact name you would like printed on the certificate. There will be no reprints for spelling errors or incomplete names. 

Refund Policy: 100% refund until after the first class meeting. 0% Refund after the 2nd class meeting. Refund requests must be made by email to the director before the 2nd class meeting.
Contact: Program director Jason Tannenbaum at or 914-740-6771




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